Your morning starts with the “way too early” alarm, grabbing coffee, breakfast and shower before dashing out the door.  The day rolls on, and you’ve got work, meetings, kids activities, grocery shopping, social commitments and more.  We’ve all been there.  And, it’s already tough to carve out extra time to exercise and cook clean healthy meals.  It all can make you feel irritable, not to mention, exhausted. So, when someone first told me, “Take time to play,” I kinda felt like punching them in the face (HA!  Not really, but sorta).  Who the heck has time for that?  For some reason, before I took time to play, I felt like I had to justify it.  Playing seemed like a frivolous, nonproductive waste of time.  And since time was my most precious commodity, I wasn’t interested in wasting a second of it. But, my mind kept mulling it around, and I started doing some research.  It’s not that I doubted that play was “good” for us, I just wasn’t convinced of its value and impact.  Turns out, as an artist and a creative, I was missing something big.  There is a lot of information about the importance of playfulness.  Here’s what the Washington Post had to say about it.  

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Utter Nonsense Family Edition–The Game of Funny Voices and Accents /  Quickwits Party Card Game–A Fun and Social Adult Game

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