Being an effective leader in the workplace requires a lot of attention and skill.  It can be difficult to meet everyone’s needs while building an efficient, effective and engaged team.  The good news is that incorporating creativity into your leadership “toolbox” can help.  Here are 4 ways encouraging creativity is good for business:

Creativity supports innovation:  When business leaders establish that creativity is valued in workplace culture, they make it clear that they welcome innovation.  This, in turn, builds trust among team members which allows them to take more creative risks.  Because innovation requires risk, employees are much more likely to try new things when they feel “safe.”

Creativity increases job performance:  Employees who were encouraged to be creative were rated 15%-30% higher in their job performance compared to those who didn’t engage in creative activities regularly.  Supporting creative pursuits both within and outside the workplace boosts employees’ motivation to make significant contributions at work.

Creativity increases employee sense of worth:  Employees reported that they felt more valued as a team member and contributor when they are encouraged to be creative in finding solutions and offering new ideas.  The also reported finding their work meaningful and overall felt happier at, creativity, leaders

Creativity has been linked with increased emotional intelligence:  Everyone benefits when their coworkers are self-aware and emotionally intelligent.  People with higher EQ’s can emotionally regulate and also demonstrate better decision-making skills.  Being able to navigate emotional situations and difficult people/customers better, helps every business thrive and be more productive.


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