If you want to be a more creative person, The Creative Badass Coaching Program is a game changer.

A lot of us have been there (myself included):  feeling overwhelmed, unhappy with work, or questioning the direction your life is headed.  And, when you’re there, it can be really hard to find the way out.   

Whether you’ve been through a divorce and trying to manage a chronic illness, like me, we all have our own “stuff” to deal with.  And, processing trauma, of any kind, is painful and difficult.  A key to my recovery was discovering my Creative Super Power (CSP) and finding purpose by sharing it with the world.   

Now, with over 8 years of research, and training, I share what I’ve learned to help others find their own CSP.  

Your Creative Super Power is already in you.   

Discovering it and using it will improve your life.    

My 10 week, step by step, Creative Badass Coaching Program gives you weekly activities, and projects, along with live video meetings that will strengthen your creative muscles and identify new ways to use them.   

And, with your badass CSP skills, you will be better equipped to live your biggest and boldest life.  You can use your CSP skills to reduce your stress and anxiety, improve your health, do better at work, express yourself clearly, and empower yourself to achieve your goals.   

Are You Ready To…

Discover and expand your CREATIVE GIFTS






If you want to know

what your

Creative Superpower is,

The Creative Badass Program

is your ticket.

Everyone possesses unique creative skills

Art activities are only part of this program.  Your creative gifts may or may not be “artistic”—and that’s ok!

We’ll focus on the creative “process,” not how your project or assignment looks at the end.

Instead of a finished painting, you’ll gain lifetime skills:  for better self-awareness, for increased clarity, and to confidently express yourself. 

A flexible program for your lifestyle

All 10 sessions are presented with a live-stream broadcast, so you’ll be able to participate in discussions and ask questions.

You can attend every session in the privacy and convenience of your own space rather than haul your art supplies to a classroom or studio

You can contact your coach anytime with unlimited email access.

Session Schedule & Bonuses

Get some badass bonuses & peek at the schedule for the

Fall 2019 program.

Week 1: “Foundations of a Creative Mindset” Livestream training call 

What is Creativity?

How does the creative process work? 

Tools of Creativity 

Week 2: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Where do I begin? 

Facing fear  

Week 3: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Mind, body, spiritual connection 


Week 4: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Your totally unique badass gifts 

Week 5: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

The power of flexibility and spontaneity  

Week 6: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Creative blocks and other obstacles  

Week 7: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Inspiration, intuition, subconscious and the source of creativity 


Week 8: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream 

Using creativity to process life transitions, challenges, and trauma 

Week 9: “Let’s Get Creative Together” Training and Activity Livestream  

Sharing your creative gifts 

Week 10“Your Creative Life” Wrap Up Session 

Your ultimate and biggest creation 

What do you really want? 

The Creative Badass Coaching Program includes bonuses!


“I’m Not Feelin’ It Today:  

a 20-minute emergency phone call. You will have my direct #, so you can call me when your struggling or really feeling stuck.  

Unlimited Email Support:  

for your questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas.  

2 Live Audio Q/A calls:   

Ask your questions, share your experiences, and discuss your progress.  

Shawna’s book:   

Be a Creative Badass: 52 Whole Life Activities to Boost Your Creativity. 

Online access to all training videos/audios:   

All sessions will be recorded. So, if you miss one, you can log in and access it at a convenient time.  

Private Badass Creatives Group”:  

Lifetime access to Private FB Group.  A community where you can meet, get support and interact with other members.  And, exclusive content created for members only.  

1 Free Ticket to “Fluid Acrylic Creativity Workshop”   (Date and Location TBA)  

A full day art workshop with all supplies, complete 2 artworks, bonus creative activities, lunch, snacks, beverages and more.   

1 Free Ticket to a PRIVATE “Masterminds Dinner”  

following Fluid Acrylic Creativity Workshop.    

Dine with Shawna St James at a local flavor upscale restaurant.   

Free KPA Art Personality Quiz:  a professionally developed online personality quiz.  

You receive a personality profile and insight into your unique gifts and qualities  

If you want to be a more creative person,

The Creative Badass Coaching Program

is a game changer.

Still, Have Questions?  Here’s what you need to know before you invest: 


What if I can’t attend a live class session?  

We understand that you might have to miss a session.  We’ll record each session and have it available online within 48 hours.  That way, you won’t miss anything.    


What equipment will I need to participate in the live stream sessions?  

*You will need a computer or tablet/smart device (with a camera if you want me to be  

able to see you and your work)  

*Good Wifi connectivity, data plan, or hotspot 

*Good lighting  

*Your printed downloads and supplies (we’ll send you the supply list and everything you 

need before the program begins) 


 Are my supplies included?  

We’ll provide you with a downloadable supply list of everything you’ll need You can easily grab these at your local hobby/art store or even your grocery store.  You’ll also get a list of online resources.  Although your total supply costs will vary, they should be less than $200.   


What if I don’t get my supplies in time?    

To make sure you have plenty of time to gather your supplies, we’ll close registration 5 days before the session begins.  We’ll email your supply list as soon as we process your registration.    


How will I receive the learning materials?  

Each training session includes printed handouts and worksheets for you to download. We’ll review all of these materials at the beginning of the program.  And, you’ll have them to use during our live calls/sessions. 

Seats are filling up fast so grab yours now.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

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