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                                VETERINARY DRUGS

                                Product Name: CAS NO: Used for:
                                Sodium sulfadiazine 547-32-0
                                Sodium Sulfamerazine 127-58-2
                                sodium Sulfamethazine 1981-58-4
                                Sulfamethoxazole 723-46-6
                                Sodium sulfachloropyridazine 23282-55-5
                                Sodium Sulfachoropyrazine 102-65-8
                                Sodium Sulfaquinoxaline 967-80-6
                                Sodium sulfamethoxypyridazine 2577-32-4
                                Praziquantel 55268-74-1
                                Chloroquine 54-05-7
                                Cyromazine 66215-27-8
                                27 Records 123
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